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Chef-Inspired Innovation

Woven into every meal and culture, great bakery is at the heart of people’s love affair with food. Our love for baking is as rich as our history, growing steadily since 1882. Today we stay true to time-honored recipes, using simple ingredients, and baking things right to satisfy your customers’ increasing demands for better across the menu. With in-depth insights, operational understanding and chef-inspired innovation, we'll be your true baking partner.

We've Got Your Buns Covered

From burgers to sliders, commercial to non-commercial, Weston buns simply taste better.

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So Tasty, Top to Bottom

Slices, rolls, ciabatta, and more – give your sandwiches a loving squeeze.

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Spread the Love Around

Nothing warms the heart like warm bread for the entire table.

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Find Your Flavour

Featured Product Innovations

Mini Schiacciatas

Translated to "squashed" in Italian, our Mini Schiacciatas are thin, handmade and hearth-baked for their traditional crisp exterior and pillowy interior, resulting in an Artisan bread like no other.

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Custom Flavors That Bring Customers To Your Door Custom Flavors That Bring Customers To Your Door

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