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Woven into every meal and culture, great wholesale bakery is at the heart of people’s love affair with food. Our love for baking is as rich as our history, growing steadily since 1882. We started as a single bakery and have grown into one of North America’s top bakery suppliers offering frozen products to non-commercial and commercial foodservice operations. We offer foodservice breads, buns, donuts and more that are baked fresh and shipped frozen. Today we stay true to time-honoured recipes, using simple ingredients, and baking things right to satisfy your customers’ increasing demands for better across the menu. With in-depth insights, operational understanding and chef-inspired innovation – we are more than just a wholesale bakery manufacturer, we are your true foodservice bakery partner.


We've Got Your Buns Covered

From burgers to sliders, commercial to non-commercial, Weston buns simply taste better.

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So Tasty, Top to Bottom

Slices, rolls, ciabatta, and more – give your sandwiches a loving squeeze.

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Spread the Love Around

Nothing warms the heart like warm bread for the entire table.

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Go Nuts for Donuts

All kinds of shapes and styles, all pre-fried and ready for your creative touch.

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Featured Product Innovations

Mini Schiacciatas

Translated to "squashed" in Italian, our Mini Schiacciatas are thin, handmade and hearth-baked for their traditional crisp exterior and pillowy interior, resulting in an Artisan bread like no other.

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Brioche Buns

With rich egg & butter content, our brioche buns offer premium texture and flavor to elevate any burger. Deliver the best with our new ACE® Craft Brioche and satisfy customer demand for better burgers.

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Potato Buns

Made with potato flour, our new potato burger buns combine a soft texture with a slightly sweet taste. They deliver fresh appeal and pair perfectly with a range of toppings for satisfaction at all foodservice occasions.

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Grounded in European baking methods with signature starter doughs and long fermentation periods

Use only the simplest, premium ingredients

Crafted by award-winning Master Baker (Best in North America and top ten worldwide)


Offer higher product quality with added value, such as additional flavour options

Breadth of product offering in category and format

Added support in culinary-inspired applications


Extended shelf life and value

Offer versatility and flexibility of product handling

Offer fresh baked menu items with a minimal amount of skilled labour

Custom Flavors That Bring Customers To Your Door Custom Flavors That Bring Customers To Your Door